CDISC Standards

We are CDISC Subject Matter Experts

As CDISC authorized trainers in SDTM and ADaM, we provide expertise about requirements, processes, systems, as well as consultants experienced in implementing these standards.

We have advised several major pharmaceutical companies all the way from first steps of implementing CDISC through to full implementation. S-cubed’s consultants have converted over 100 studies to CDISC standards and supported more than 20 successful FDA submissions. Having worked with CDISC standards since 2004, we are very familiar with issues that typically arise and have unique insight about what works well.

The United States Food and Drug Administration recommends using CDISC (SDTM) standards for electronic submissions of all clinical data, and requires compliance with CDISC standards for all new clinical studies starting after December 2016. The European Medicines Agency and the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency have also expressed intention to require CDISC.

In 2017, we formed our partner company A3 Informatics. Working with Dave Iberson-Hurst, A3 Informatics have developed The Glandon Suite. A3 Informatics designs tools to solve real world challenges in a non-disruptive and iterative manner to suit different working environments. Our CDISC team are working closely with A3 to ensure that clients are able to leverage the CDISC standards to deliver high quality data throughout the clinical research process. You can learn more about A3 Informatics and their services on the A3 Informatics website. 


Niels Both

Title: Data Standardisation and Implementation Specialist
Location: Denmark


studies as part of NDA submissions



accepted by the FDA



CDISC Registered Solutions Provider

Registered Solutions Provider


CDISC Registered Solutions Providers* (RSPs) are member organizations with CDISC expertise that provide products and services for specific standards

We are registered solution providers of the following CDISC standards:

  • Analysis Data Model (ADaM)
  • Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization (CDASH)
  • Controlled Terminology
  • Define-XML
  • Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data (SEND)
  • Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM)

We are part of the official list of Registered Solution Providers at CDISC