Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation for pharmaceutical companies

Optimise the speed and efficiency of your data analysis strategies, improving reaction time whilst reducing costs.

QlikView and Qlik Sense are established state-of-the-art data visualisation products that provides an intuitive tool for browsing, exploring and interrogating data. With Qlik you gain unprecedented direct access to your data, allowing you to quickly examine and extract the full potential from your results. 

Fast to implement and easy to maintain, Qlik eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming report development. You can focus your time and resources on acquiring insight into your data to inform your decisions on future direction and strategy.



Jack Jacobsen

Title: Director of QlikView Development
Location: Denmark

We provide Qlik applications standardized for pharmaceutical companies within the areas of:

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Clinical Data Management

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Risk Based Monitoring

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Operational Reporting

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Navigation Extension

Navigation Extension


Commenting Module Extension

NPrinting On-demand Extensions

NPrinting On-demand Extension

SAS Connector

SAS Connector

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We use Qlik Sense to transform traditional Business Intelligence into "Life Science Intelligence"


At S-cubed we have proven track record of successful implementation of Qlik products for clinical, pharmacovigilance, regulatory and operational data. With our clinical process knowledge and SAS expertise we can ensure that you are able to fully exploit the power and scope of the software and gain real insight into your data.

By combining Qlik with a coherent data standards policy, you will maximise the efficiency improvements in your data analysis processes. In using S-cubed, you will have access to highly experienced standardisation specialists and integration resources.

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