Kirsten Stächer Cridland

Data Management and SAS Specialist – S-cubed ApS

Joining S-cubed

I’ve now been working at S-cubed ApS for over 10 years and I am actually the longest serving member of staff in Denmark. Before working at S-cubed, I worked at a number of pharmaceutical companies in data management and SAS programming, including Lundbeck and Astra Zeneca. I knew Scott McGregor and Niels Both when we all were at Lundbeck and they invited me out for a beer and chat – and it ended up – after a more formal meeting – with me starting at S-cubed. I wasn’t too sure what to think about becoming a consultant at first, but I have never regretted this! I have had 10 exciting, busy and funny years in several pharmaceutical companies and S-cubed is full of very competent and enthusiastic people. We often get together informally and try a new activity which is great fun and creates a good working environment.

Being Productive

One of the areas of my work I enjoy the most is when I am actually producing something tangible like data sets, tables and listings – I see it as solving Sudokos. I like to be busy and producing plenty of output. However, I didn’t start out doing this, obviously. My first job was aged 13, picking strawberries. After that, I spent many summer holidays out in the suburbs, enjoying the sunshine and harvesting strawberries. I think my record pick on one day was about 400lbs. After finishing school, I was educated as a clinical chemistry laboratory technician within the hospital area but as there were very few jobs around in hospitals at that time, I tried the private sector. I started as a Technical Secretary in the pharmaceutical industry collecting, cleaning and reporting data from clinical studies – my title was later changed to Data Manager. In this area, I could use my technical skills as well as my knowledge about laboratory data and diseases. I later changed to become a SAS programmer and I have never regretted that move.

Jet Setting Rewards

One of my proudest moments was when I was sent off the USA on my own. I flew off to New York – on business class – having never travelled on my own before, to work with Forest Laboratories. I was only supposed to be there for a week to complete knowledge transfer of our clinical database and help finalise TFLs to the authorities. In the end, I was there for 3 weeks, acting on behalf of my company at the highest level. It was extremely rewarding; it actually felt like a bit of a holiday – and I managed to see several musicals on Broadway and a Tina Turner concert, she performed from a balcony!

The Future?

I am turning 60 this year and with not that many years of work left, I think I am looking forward to my retirement – but I will surely miss my work life. I have two young grandchildren and they keep me very busy. It’s lovely being a grandparent; I enjoy spending time with them doing some art, singing songs and making silly things. One of my favourite parts of my day is cycling to and from work: it takes about 20 minutes and the only time I won’t cycle is if there’s 10 centimetres of snow! Once I am home from work, I am straight into my garden especially when the days are longer. There is nothing better than enjoying cultivating and growing things. So, in the summer that is where you will find me, in the garden relaxing with a glass in hand.

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