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Vick Hammond

Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance – S-cubed Ltd

From University to Regulatory Affairs

After leaving University, I started my career in the pharmaceutical industry working at a contract manufacturer in Swindon, where I was performing quality control testing in the finished product laboratory. After a few years at this, I felt I needed to try something outside of a lab environment, so I explored what my options were, this was when I first learnt about Regulatory Affairs. Although I had no previous experience, a small generic company based in Surrey gave me my first Regulatory role. It was a small team and we often had to get involved with a bit of everything, which was great experience for me at that time. This was where I first met Nicola Wright. I later moved on to Sandoz, the generic arm of Novartis, where I spent a number of years. Eventually I wanted to gain some experience in branded pharma, so I moved to Merck Serono where I was responsible for Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance for UK and Ireland.

Moving to S-cubed

I saw Nicola again a number of years later and she asked me if I had ever considered consulting. It wasn’t really something I had thought about before, and agreed to a chat with Nicola, Stephen Thompson and Mark Lipscombe to find out a bit more about S-cubed. I liked what they told me about the company, its culture and what S-cubed was about.

Working at S-cubed

There is so much I enjoy about my job. It’s great going into the office, there is an excellent collaboration between the team, and although we all manage individual clients and projects, you never feel like you’re working on your own; if there are questions or issues, someone always has the answer, or has come across a similar problem before. Equally, the variety of work means that life is never mundane and there are always new challenges. I like to think of us as an extension to our clients’ in-house teams, and feel that we try to provide more than just an external service. We have worked with some of our clients for several years (even before S-cubed in some cases) and, as a result, we are invested in the people and their success, especially where we have been there from early development stages through to a commercial product launch.

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