Our Qlik team are constantly developing innovative solutions to real world data challenges.

They will be in Stockholm on 6th November, as part of the Qlik Data Revolution Tour. We are proud to be Gold Sponsors of this event. The Qlik team will give visitors a chance to experience the latest demo apps at the stand. You will also have an opportunity to quiz them on all aspects of their work. The best way to understand the Qlik products is to have a true ‘hands-on’ experience, with the support of our experts.


Bohua Li, Product Manager for Qlik Extensions and Solutions, explains, “We will be presenting our new version of Qomment™ 2.0 – Qlik Native Write Back Extension. Currently, it’s the only native Write Back extension for Qlik Sense, so we know that users will be interested to see what it can do.”

Qomment™ ensures that users are able to move from a traditionally read only tool, to one where you can create, edit, and delete data. Being able to input directly into the Qlik Associative Engine, gives Qlik users an opportunity to generate outputs from data discovery together with:

  • Associative Data
  • High Performance
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Integrated Security Control with QMC
  • IT/Validation Free

In this latest version of Qomment™ there have been considerable enhancements which include:

  • A new data input form, with rich text and date/time picker
  • ‘Snapshot Manager’ so the user can save Qlik Snapshots as a data input
  • Improved performance
  • A responsive layout

Other Extensions

However, this is not the only extension that will be demonstrated at the Data Revolutions Tour. Alongside Qomment™ are N-Printing on Demand, SAS Connector, and the navigation extension known as Qompass™ which enriches the users experience when using Qlik Sense.


Qompass™ includes some key features in the extension:

  • A fully customised navigation bar with content, layout and themes
  • Actions such as ‘Select’ and ‘Clear Field’ can be triggered when navigating to a selected sheet
  • Show/Hide conditions can be applied to each navigation cell, giving the potential to show different sets of sheets to various users or groups
  • Extensible plugins such as NPrinting on-demand, batch selections, bookmarks and so on

Don’t miss out!

This one day only event in Stockholm is not to be missed. You will have a unique opportunity to explore the new extensions and to ask questions of our team. You can find all the details of the event and a full agenda here. If you can’t make it, do not despair, you can book a demo at any time with one of our experts by filling out the contact us form, calling our Danish office on +45 31 45 29 16, or emailing us at info@s-cubed-global.com. We’d love to hear what you think and look forward to meeting you on Tour!