Autumn Events 2020

Where to meet us in a pandemic: or how to wear pyjamas at a conference.

With world travel reduced and our physical face to face marketing efforts non-existent, you’d think it would be a quiet time for S-cubed. Far from it. AJ de Montjoie, Marketing Director, updates you on what we’ve been up to and where you can catch the A3 and S-cubed teams at autumn events.

Past Autumn Events

You might have missed a couple of events, we ran at the start of autumn, so here are the details you need to catch up.


Terminology WebinarSponsor and CDISC terminology are still a tricky thing to manage in the old excel world but the A3 team have some great news around their terminology MDR (you can read Adam de Neergaard’s blog here).

With that in mind the team did a short webinar on Getting Control of your Terminology at the start of September. If you want to see the webinar, please get in touch and we will send you a link.

Neo4j and the Nerd’s Guide to Graphs

COVID-19 Graph with Neo4jMany of you were interested in Kirsten Langendorf’s article on her work on the COVID graph. Kirsten was driven by a desire to help and she has given up much of her own time to be involved in the project. However, our friends at Neo4j were happy to co-present a webinar on Graphs in the Life Sciences and you can watch it again here.

Even more impressive, Kirsten managed to deliver the webinar despite sudden lost of internet and carried on with ease: always the consummate professional. If you want to learn more about graphs and their benefits, get in touch and look out for more news soon.

Autumn Events Coming Up

CDISC US Interchange

CDISC US InterchangeWe are looking forward to the CDISC US Interchange this week (where the time difference creates some interesting logistics – did we mention pyjamas?).

Dave Iberson-Hurst (S-cubed Partner and Director of A3) will be presenting on Managing Terminology: A Better Way. You can catch up with Dave at 2000 – 2130 hrs CEST on Wednesday 7th October (or 1400hrs US Eastern time). Once again, his focus will be on how we can ensure that sponsor and CDISC terminology are not a pain point in your work.

You can meet us in our booth here and we’re looking forward to meeting you. Come and talk to us about Terminology, Biomedical Concepts, Graphs and CDISC.

CDISC Italian User Group

For those of you that perhaps aren’t attending the US Interchange but are still looking to catch up on the latest CDISC news, Johannes Ulander (S-cubed CDISC Subject Matter Expert) will be presenting at the Italian User Group Meeting on Wednesday 7th October. Johannes will presenting on Deconstructing SDTM (in English) and you can register here.

In case you missed it, he also wrote a fascinating article on SDTM, Down the SDTM Rabbit Hole – Scratching an Itch and we’d love to know what you think.

PHUSE EU Connect

PHUSE EU ConnectFor the first time in a few years, we won’t be at PHUSE on a booth. However, we do have two fantastic presentations:

Dave Iberson-Hurst alongside Karen Fanouillere, Head of Clinical Information and Governance at Sanofi present: Goodbye Excel My Old Friend: A Collaboration between Sanofi and S-cubed.

Johannes Ulander will be presenting: The TransCelerate Hackathon: Accelerating Development where he talks about the work the A3 team completed for the Hackathon back in April.

We will post the links to the presentations when we have them.

Biomedical Concepts

A3 Biomedical Concepts EasyWe’ve been hearing a great deal about Biomedical Concepts and them being a challenge for organisations to develop. So we have decided to challenge this assumption, particularly as we already use them! Keep an eye out for our next webinar/workshop on ‘BCs made easy’  and there will be an article to show you just how easily it can be done.


Despite the fact that we won’t be seeing you face to face, please join our autumn events, webinars and at virtual conferences. Even though it’s not the way we’d all like it to be, connecting with people in a virtual way, is as important. And remember, it’s ok now for pets, children, partners and pyjamas to be part of our everyday business experience and perhaps, it might also be good for the environment and our general wellbeing.