What’s in store from S-cubed at the CDISC Interchange: AJ de Montjoie looks forward to this year’s event.

What a difference a few months make. For many marketers in this industry, key events are important to our overall strategy and feed into our lead generation for the whole year. It looks like 2020 will be the year of being creative and taking a different and more collaborative approach. The CDISC Interchange team should be commended for their swift response to the current situation and, with their Technicon experience behind them, I am sure this week will be excellent.


Our Principal Consultant and CDISC Subject Matter Expert, Johannes Ulander, is a member of the CDISC European Coordinating Committee, and so he has been an integral part of the team who are bringing the Interchange to us this week. It’s no mean feat to pull a live conference into a virtual event, however the programme is looking good. S-cubed is privileged to have two presentations and another one from our Partner, Dave Iberson-Hurst, presenting as A3 Informatics.

What can you expect from the Virtual CDISC Interchange?

Firstly, you can comfortably sit with a cup of tea, coffee or whatever and sit in your pyjamas to listen. Secondly, you can get up and wander in and out and take phone calls etc while you are watching. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you can have your own snacks! From my dining room table perspective (where I am working for at least the forthcoming weeks), these are positive things. There is no doubt that our team will send each other messages throughout the event to comment on what we have learned and share ideas about how we take our own work forward.

The programme is a packed as ever and perhaps the best thing about it, is not having to choose between streams. Our presentations can all be viewed on Day 1, details here:

Full details about the keynote, abstracts from the presentations and so on can be found on the CDISC website.

S-cubed & CDISC

S-cubed has an incredibly experienced CDISC team in Denmark and the UK, with 15 + years of working alongside CDISC in a variety of roles. We have two authorised CDISC trainers for ADaM and SDTM (Niels Both and Johannes Ulander) and we’re hoping that, despite current events, we will be able to host CDISC training at our offices in Copenhagen in October.

Our presenters at the Interchange are all experts in different areas of the CDISC Standards. Carey Smoak is the co-lead for the Medical Devices team and has been instrumental in supporting companies to implement the standards. Dave Iberson-Hurst has been part of the CDISC community for nearly 20 years, advising on metadata management, developing faster ways to work with data, and now he is the architect behind the A3 Community MDR, A3 Terminology MDR and the A3 MDR. The software is now used by 60 companies across the globe. Johannes Ulander is an SDTM trainer for CDISC and works alongside Dave on the A3 software, bringing his many years in the pharmaceutical industry and expertise in computer programming to the project.

Still time to Register!

If you haven’t signed up already, take a look at the programme here and join us and many others at the event. If like me you are working from your dining room table, I send you a virtual ‘hello’ and I look forward to seeing many of the CDISC ‘family’ in 2021. If you need our support or advice around the CDISC standards then you can contact us through the usual channels. Look out for the Interchange presentations being posted next week.