CDISC Interchange Europe in a Virtual World

Last year, CDISC had to turn a face-to-face Interchange in Europe to a virtual one in matter of weeks. How will this year shape up? AJ de Montjoie contemplates the approaching CDISC Interchange. 

Sapphire Sponsors

CDISC Proud MemberOnce again, S-cubed is supporting the CDISC Interchange in Europe and we are very proud to be Sapphire sponsors at the EU event this April. We were really looking forward to this one being a face-to-face meeting, as we thought it would be in Copenhagen. Taking the booth a few kms across the city, seemed a lot less daunting than shipping, flying and booking hotels. However, now we can follow along from the comfort of our home offices (or office if you’re lucky enough to be back there) and get the benefit of being able to see more sessions.

We have always had CDISC at the core of our work. Our staff have a vast range of experience, from full implementation projects to smaller legacy conversion issues. And, once we are all face-to-face again, we will be offering CDISC authorised training at our offices in Copenhagen. We are really looking forward to that. 

Meet Us At The Booth

One of the success stories of the CDISC US Interchange was the exhibition.  Plenty of visitors dropped by for a chat and there were so many interesting questions about their experiences with standards, implementation challenges and some just seeking advice. Hunting around the site to find the TAUG for the grand prize and gaining points for each visit and chat, meant even those who didn’t know us dropped in. We were still able to chat with friends old and new. Ok, it wasn’t the same as standing with your lunch or a coffee having a chat about how our respective children were doing BUT it did feel, ‘human’ for want of a better word. We had fun (despite being 6 hours ahead and finishing at 2300hrs). 

This year, it looks like it will be as busy as ever and the sessions looking at the latest challenges will be an interesting place to focus our minds. What never fails to surprise us is that, even though the FDA and PMDA now require standards, there are still many areas of doubt and issues for companies of all sizes. So, drop in and throw your hardest questions at us, we’re looking forward to it. 

Who are we?

Niels Both has been part of the CDISC world for more than 15 years. He started out working with SDTM and quickly developed his skills in ADaM and now is a certified trainer for the standard. He has encountered many of the issues associated with creating ADaM data sets and has a good understanding of LOINC and LAB data. Niels is also someone who works closely with you and he has a good humoured approach to clients’ challenges.

Anna Bladström joined S-cubed in May last year and she brought with her additional ADaM experience. Her paper that accompanies her presentation, Traceability of ADaM Time to Events Data in Oncology Trials, is a superb read (we will release it after the event). Anna and Niels make a formidable team and we encourage you to reach out to them, if you want to learn more. 

Anna Bladström & Niels Both will present in session 4A: ADaM  1530 – 1700 Wednesday April 28.

Johannes Ulander is currently a member of the European CDISC Coordinating Committee (E3C) and is a certified SDTM trainer. He has a real eye for detail, and he will challenge assumptions helping you to find the best possible implementation set up. Johannes is instrumental in driving standards technology and its adoption forward.  

Catch up with Johannes on our booth and listen into his session on Tech Enabled Standards in session 5B: 0900 – 1100 Thursday 29 April.

Other Notable Highlights

Our friends at A3 Informatics are a vital part of this year’s event and there’s more to follow on that tomorrow (look out for the press release). Dave Iberson-Hurst will be part of the CDISC 360 Update discussing Biomedical Concepts and you can find him, Kirsten Langendorf and Adam de Neergaard on the A3 Informatics booth: a great place to learn about A3ccelerate.  

Dave Iberson-Hurst will present in Session 7: CDISC 360 Update 14:00 – 15:30 Thursday 29 April.

If you can’t wait until the Interchange and need advice or a partner to run your CDISC implementation project, drop us a line and if you can, see you at the booth.