S-cubed has worked within the clinical monitoring space for more than ten years and provided solutions to a great number of pharmaceutical companies over that period.

Working across more than 20 different therapeutic areas and almost 100 different clinical trials, we have seen the same obstacles to clinical monitoring materialize again and again.

Clinical Monitoring Challenges

This article outlines why we believe moving to a modern data analytics platform is the solution to your clinical monitoring objectives.

Industry Standard Metrics

There is a clear need for trial teams to have the assurance that their monitoring setup complies with the industry standards. As good and straightforward as this may sound, there is the well-known catch that all trials are different to some degree. This often means that the industry standard metrics can be difficult to implement unless the monitoring is based on a modern data analytics platform that is built with a data first approach. With the use of a modern data analytics platform you can much better handle the differences in clinical data and in the monitoring needs you encounter across trials. And this is true whether you use data directly from your EDC system or base it on CDISC data.

Clinical Monitoring Data Sources

A modern data analytics platform will give you an increased flexibility in your trial monitoring setup and hence, you can customize and utilize standards at the same time.

Implementation Time

Another benefit of using a modern data analytics platform is the very short implementation time when setting up your trial monitoring. As the platform is developed directly for data transformation and analysis, the customization needed is often done in minutes rather than hours or even days as can be the case with legacy monitoring platforms.

Clinical Monitoring Development

A common request from trial teams is to have specific visualizations that match the exact requirements in the monitoring plans. For platforms without native visualization options, it can be a very hard and long process to just implement slight changes to the charts and tables needed. On the contrary when using a modern data analytics platform, the trial teams are often surprised just how tailored to their requirements the visualizations can get. And they are even more surprised, when they learn that it can be implemented within a very short time-frame, ensuring that everything is in place before the first patient visit.

Intuitive and simple user interface

It is hard to overestimate the positive impact that the right tool has on work satisfaction and productivity. Unfortunately, a lot of people working with clinical monitoring are not provided with the right tools. Too often they drown in the need to use multiple interfaces to get the job done or they are stuck with slow tools that will test any person’s patience.

With a modern data analytics platform, you will never have to navigate between endless versions of the same Excel file or sit around waiting for that database query to be finalized. Instead you will be able to combine and analyze all your data, from all your sources without leaving any data behind.

Clinical Monitoring Data Platform

With an interface that is blazing fast and intuitive to use you will have a unique window to all your data. It will provide instant response for any questions you need to answer, and it will help you to never miss a signal in your data again. The best part is that it can be tailored to support the workflow for the different groups involved in the clinical monitoring, meaning that it can bring value to both Clinical Operations, Data management and Medical monitors just to name a few.

Everybody Wins!

It should hopefully be clear by now how beneficial we believe a modern data analytics platform can be to the people working with clinical monitoring. However, the actual users of the platform are not the only winners. The sponsor organization will also benefit from the reduced implementation time in form of lower costs and an improvement in the clinical monitoring quality.

So, in summary you gain a lot of benefits by using a modern data analytics platform for your clinical monitoring:

Clinical Monitoring Summary

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