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Mark Baillet reflects on the first half of the year and how we have used our virus expertise to help the COVID-19 efforts.

At S-cubed Biometrics, 2021 has not only been a busy year, but we are also celebrating our 10th anniversary.

Company Culture

From the beginning, we had a vision to create a company with the key core values of quality, service and integrity, together with a healthy mix of work-life balance and enjoyment. In order to achieve this, we have some of the best staff in the industry, each making a significant contribution both individually and collectively to the services and quality we provide our clients. Ten years on, we have now built an established business that has an excellent reputation in our field.

What We Do at S-cubed Biometrics

S-cubed Biometrics provides both full project implementation and consultancy in a wide variety of projects in the areas of statistics, CDISC and data management in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to our structure and size, we are dynamic, adaptable, flexible and deliver projects on time and to budget (you can read about some of our team here, in Our Stories). Using our vast experience in the industry, we also like to provide the value-added service of helping our clients through some of the tough decisions they need to make on a day-to-day basis. We know they appreciate our support in this regard, as many of our clients have built long term relationships with us.

Covid 19 – A New Therapeutic Area

COVID-19 Vaccine Development

We support all therapeutic areas, however, given the current climate, it’s worth mentioning that we have vast experience and expertise in virus and infectious disease studies. In fact, so much so, clients specifically come to us for our virus expertise. For example, over the last year we have supported a number of Covid-19 studies and projects, for both vaccines and Covid-19 treatment studies.

Our Projects

This year has been incredibly busy. But it’s interesting to reflect on the variety of areas we provide services in, and here is a brief outline of some project areas we have performed in 2021 so far:

  • Full database, data management, CDISC and study reporting and analysis for a variety of clinical studies
  • Integration of clients’ studies to form integrated databases for a variety of purposes (e.g. safety signal detection, and production of Investigator Brochure and DSUR data presentations)
  • Provision of both statistical and data management oversight support for our clients that use full-service CROs to perform their studies
  • Provision of both DSMB statisticians and production of data presentations for DSMB meetings

Impact of the Pandemic on Clinical Trials

Of course, the pandemic has presented its own challenges for our clients. Initially it was subject recruitment, particularly in NHS hospitals, where some had to divert to specialist clinical trials centres. Then as momentum gathered on finding Covid-19 treatments and vaccines, the critical issue was speed of study set-up. We were able to build databases quickly and efficiently so our clients could move fast into clinical trials. Additionally our statistical and data management staff provided input into the study designs and analysis, and managed the dataflow, both with speed and our usual quality. So, altogether, we have significantly helped our clients through their challenges, and we feel personally proud we helped the global Covid-19 effort.

What’s Next?

Looking forward, we continue to support our clients with their ongoing projects and studies. We will slowly and carefully return to the office, but with the flexibility of home and office working where required. But most important of all we want to help our clients achieve their goals and ambitions.


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