Expanding S-Cubed's Marketing Team

The marketing team at S-cubed is growing! It is our great pleasure, to introduce you to S-cubed’s new marketing assistant: Tessa Wonge.

Who is Tessa Wonge? In her own words, Tessa describes her journey to S-cubed

My name is Tessa Wonge I am 24 years old, currently living in Frederiksberg with my boyfriend Tobias. We’ve been living in Frederiksberg for 3 years now, where we enjoy the combination of nature and city life. On January 5th, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Digital Concept Development and now I’m looking forward to converting all that theory into practical experience.

Education & Travel

Tessa Wonge Marketing AssistantAfter finishing Danish college, I got a full-time job at Kähler Design, a Danish interior brand. Here I met a range of skilled people, who taught me the importance of marketing. Working at Kähler Design for 8 months made me realise that marketing and digital marketing were what I wanted to do. I applied for university in Jutland and started on my AP Degree in Commerce Management in the fall of 2016. After graduating, I took a gap year to work and travel. Travelling made me realise that I needed more training in marketing. I decided to apply for my top-up bachelor course straight away, even though Tobias and I were in Singapore, with an unstable internet connection!

Getting a job in a pandemic

After 6 months of studying the pandemic came and changed the world, and all of our lives. This made me uncertain whether to search for a full time job when graduating, or if I should apply for a masters degree. I wanted to get a job to gain some experience and decided that I had to give it a chance. Only a little over 2 weeks after graduating, I got this amazing opportunity to work as a marketing assistant at S-cubed, and I am truly grateful for this chance and to work with such talented and professional people. Feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn profile. So, right now I am excited about the journey I’m on with AJ and S-cubed. I’m looking forward to growing both personally and with the company.

The Marketing Team: AJ de Montjoie’s view from the home office

Marketing Team

Supporting Tessa in the virtual world

For the last 3 years, I have been privileged to build this amazing brand with the support of the managing directors at S-cubed. As I talked about in my article on LinkedIn, it’s been an rewarding and busy experience. However, I knew that I needed someone with an understanding of marketing to work alongside me and help me move our marketing forward. Tessa brings that understanding and enthusiasm to the marketing team.

Of all the times to start a new job; the middle of a pandemic. It made me reflect on my first job. I started as a Television Film Sound Recordist at the BBC. I spent the first 6 weeks out at the BBC training centre at Evesham, learning my craft and meeting all the other new trainees on the operations side of TV work (sound, camera, editing operators). We went out most nights, drank beer, tried not to upset the locals in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside and then went home at weekends for a rest. All of this experience was based in a physical world where we mixed and worked together.

Looking good in virtual reality!

I cannot imagine what it is like for Tessa. She has only met me via a screen (I think I look better in virtual reality!). Luckily for me, she is accomplished at virtual learning and has quickly settled into our daily meetings. Although it would be great to be in the office and sat next to each other chatting, we both know that patience is needed and that the moment we can safely be in the office, we will be. In the meantime, LinkedIn Learning is providing the excellent resources we need to build Tessa’s skills in marketing, alongside sharing knowledge and being available to answer questions.

Creating the right atmosphere and being open and honest in these situations is vital. I think it can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster starting a new job at the best of times but this situation means that if you are leading someone, you have to be prepared to admit when you’re unsure of the next step or that you appreciate a course could be better than you trying to explain the complexities of specific topic. From Tessa’s perspective, not only is she getting to grips with marketing quickly and adapting to using all the tools we have but also learning a completely new domain. Let’s face it, clinical data is tough nut to crack for those that deal with it daily. Therefore ensuring Tessa gets an education from our team of experts is vital.

Choose a human for your marketing team

Digital marketing has always been a fast moving world, but buyer beware: choose your tools and MarTech stack carefully. It could well be that what you invest in technology could be better spent on a human with skills and the necessary forward thinking to replace all that expensive software. Personally, spending my mornings with Tessa and us working on bringing some campaigns and ideas into our company, is infinitely more rewarding than staring at a dashboard. My advice then: if you have the budget and supportive management, build your team from the ground up; it’s incredibly rewarding.