The Busy Conference Season Begins

Whether it’s PHUSE, CDISC, SAS, Neo4j, Qlik, we will be out and about at a variety of pharmaceutical conferences this autumn.

Firstly, in case you missed it, here are couple of events we have already attended.

Western Users of SAS Software – Seattle

We start with Carey Smoak presenting at the Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) Conference in Seattle. Carey gave a passionate presentation about his journey from childhood to working for us in Denmark. His advice to anyone coming into the pharmaceutical industry is invaluable and he brings a vast amount of expertise with CDISC standards, including being the founder of the CDISC Medical Device Team. Needless to say, Carey has quite the knack for producing engaging and thoughtful presentations that leave a mark and again he won the award for the best presentation in his particular stream.

You can see Carey’s presentation here: One Boys’ Dream: Hitting a Homerun in the Bottom of the Ninth Inning

If you have any questions or want to contact Carey, get in touch via our contact page.


We sent Johannes Ulander off to Beerse, Belgium, for the PHUSE Single Day Event (SDE), where he presented on: Breaking the Silos – Which Term Are You Using in that Study? Johannes has updated his ‘great BUN mystery’ to look at some of the other issues users face using controlled terminology. There were around 60 people who joined the day and there were presentations on machine learning and AI. A fascinating day for all those that attended. If you want to find out a little more about our A3 Community MDR, drop an email to and we will send you more details.

Future Events:

Neo4j Graph Talk, Copenhagen, Denmark

S-cubed are graph and linked data advocates for the pharmaceutical industry and the community is realizing the benefits of moving away from tables to ‘links’. ‘Killing Data Silos’ is not a new Scandi drama but a fantastic opportunity to learn about the benefits of linked data solutions. Find out how we use linked data in our A3 Suite. Our graph guru, Dave Iberson-Hurst, is presenting as part of the Neo4j Graph Talk in Copenhagen on 17th September, a free event, that you can sign up for here: Neo4j Graph Talk Copenhagen

BioForward, Birmingham, UK

Darren Joliffe, Director, Biometrics Ltd will be travelling to Birmingham for BioForward on 11th October. If you are going, be sure to get in touch and Darren will arrange to meet you there. If you’re a start-up biotech company, our Biometrics team offer a full range of services that can support you with your work. Read about them here.

CDISC Interchange, San Diego, USA

Adam de Neergaard will be at the CDISC Interchange in the USA 16 – 17 October in San Diego, CA. You can meet with him and discuss the work we are doing with them on the CDISC 360 Project and using the CDISC Library. He can also show you how to sign up for our Community MDR. Get in touch, if you are at the Interchange and want talk to him.

Qlik Masters Summit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are very proud to be sponsors of the Masters Summit for Qlik in Amsterdam, October 28 – 30. You can meet key members of the team and see a demonstration of our Qlik sense extensions. Follow the link for full details of the extensions and how you can book a demo.

OpenClinica, Barcelona, Spain

Jon North is travelling to Barcelona for the Open Clinica Conference 7 – 8 November. S-cubed uses OpenClinica, as its clinical database solution. You can read about about the software on their website.

PHUSE EU Connect

We will have a team of people at PHUSE in Amsterdam 10 – 13 November. You can find us on stand 5 and we have several presentations in a variety of streams. The moment we have the details, we will post them here and on LinkedIn. We always love to meet our clients at PHUSE, so let us know if you’re attending and come and chat about our latest developments.

See you on the road and, if we’re flagging, bring cake.