A seamless way to save data in a Qlik Sense application

Bohua Li introduces an S-cubed extension for adding user comments in a Qlik Sense application, along with a guide for users to implement the extension themselves.

To save data during business explorations

During my Business Intelligence (BI) career, there’s always been one question asked by clients: is it possible to write some user data into the Qlik app, preferably directly into the data model?

The reasons why users often ask are:

  1. During the BI process, there’s always a need to note down user comments or to flag/highlight data records.
  2. After BI explorations, users look forward to having their findings and summaries saved together with the app for further actions
  3. It would be great if user inputs can be BI-friendly, so they are easy to search, select and drill-down.

After all, it is these BI applications that generate positive outcomes from user inputs to enable a complete life-cycle for BI business.

Solution Architecture

Qlik Sense is a read-only Business Intelligence platform, as well as one of the best standard BI products/solutions on the market. To save data, into the Qlik Sense app, will require several stages during the ’SAVE’ action:

  1. Receive user inputs from the Qlik app font-end visualizations
  2. Insert the inputs as data-rows into a data table in the Qlik model
  3. Save the changes into a reloadable content (QVD, TXT, Database…)

To achieve the above features, the extension will leverage the following technologies to resolve the challenges:

  1. Qlik visualization extension to collect user inputs
  2. Qlik Capability API to save and reload the Qlik app
  3. Partial reload and replacement of load scripts to modify the Qlik app data model
  4. (Optional) Store save changes into external content for archiving

The full guide is available here, including diagrams and instructions on how to create the extension.