Qlik Sense for Pharmacovigilance: An award winning presentation at PhUSE.

You can download Daniel’s combined paper and presentation here.

Daniel Andersen’s presentation introduced the PhUSE audience to Qlik Sense for Pharmacovigilance for faster and better signal detection. Due to the increasing focus of the authorities and the general public on the safely of pharmaceutical drugs, better tools are needed to identify and monitor adverse event data and potential safety issues.

Our team here at S-cubed has developed a Qlik Sense application, a tool with a short implementation time that can interact with all pharmacovigilance systems. Qlik Sense has an intuitive and interactive interface that enables associative search and analysis, giving users easy access to explore data. S-cubed’s PV application was described and demonstrated by Daniel at PhUSE, including showing a variety of modules created by the team: quantitative signal detection, data exploration, compliance, data quality check, and, line listings and tabulations.

Daniel’s presentation was clearly timely and thought provoking consequently he was granted the award for the best presentation in the Software Demonstrations Stream at the PhUSE Conference.

If you are looking for more information on Qlik Sense you can contact S-cubed for a demonstration or a chat with our expert staff.