Here at S-cubed, we work hard but we know how to have some fun too!

At the heart of everything we do is our unique company culture. We take our time to get to know a person before they join us, and the majority of our staff have come to us by recommendation. This ensures that we find the right person for a particular role and they will also enjoy working here. When you work hard together, you need to be able to rely on your colleagues and know that you are all part of the same vision and goals that drive the company forward. Our managing directors recognise the value of their staff and ensure that the company’s flexible working approach meets the needs of everyone, whether that means working from home or having dedicated space in the office.

However, with all the hard work, there has to be a time to down tools and have some fun. Each summer we remove ourselves from our UK and Danish offices and try something new. This year was no exception and certainly a change from our normal roles.

UK – Spies like Us!

The UK teams spent a fantastic afternoon at the De Vere Oxford Thames Hotel. Not content with merely enjoying a bar-b-que and soaking up the lovely sunshine, they were all inducted into the Spy Academy. An afternoon of axe throwing, shooting, and blindfold tent building resulted in some interesting tent constructions but more importantly plenty of laughter. Perhaps, with these new found skills, there is a James or Jane Bond hiding in our midst? Thier identity, of course, remains a secret. However, we are now able to offer help in a variety of emergencies; a member of our UK staff will be on hand to throw an appropriately sized axe.

Denmark – MasterChef!

In Denmark, a morning of updates and presentations was followed by a move to the MasterChef Kitchen, otherwise known as the Weber Grill Academy. A splendid 3 course feast was prepared by 3 teams of 10 and all cooked on the famous Weber Grills:

  • A starter of Smoked Fish, Crispy Rye Bread, Browned Butter with Almonds, and Baked Cherry Tomatoes with Sage
  • Main course of Grilled Rump Steak, Grilled Onions, Grilled Herb Potatoes, and Mayonnaise
  • And a delicious dessert of Chocolate Tart, Berry Ice-cream with Seabuck Thorn, and Crispy Caramel with Flake Salt

It turns out, that not only can we produce high quality data, delivered right the first time, every time, we can also deliver some wonderful food in the same fashion.

Unique Culture

We are privileged to be part of an organisation that is truly unique. If ever you feel that you want to be part of our teams in the UK or Denmark, check out what we do on our services page, look at our career page for open positions, drop us an email, or pick up the phone. Who knows, you could be our next MasterChef or future spy.