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Fair Usage Policy

Dear A3 Community User (“You”),

Welcome to the A3 Community MDR (“System”) provided by S-cubed A/S (“We”).

The A3 Community MDR provides important fundamental functionalities for users as set out below:

  • User-friendly overview of all changes to current and all new CDISC Controlled Terminologies (“CDISC CT”)
  • Easy search of current and all new CDISC CT
  • No local installation required. The System is a SaaS solution hosted at AWS and accessed through a standard web browser (with connections secured by HTTPS)
  • The System has all versions of the CDISC CT from the initial release on 6th March 2007. It is continuously uploaded with the newest terminologies as they are released from CDISC

By using the System you will have easy access to all CDISC CT at the click of a mouse – no more downloading and maintaining multiple excel sheets in order to gain the benefits of CDISC CT.

Please refer to https://www.s-cubed-global.com/products/a3-community-mdr for recommended browsers. 

The A3 Community MDR is free to the community, but in order to ensure proper performance and to comply with GDPR we have made the following “Fair Usage Policy”:

  • We welcome employees of pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, biotech, regulatory, CROs, or academic institutions (“The Community”) to use the System
  • The System is offered to The Community at no cost
  • As a user, you will need to register with your valid company email address. Changing employer will require re-registration
  • There is a maximum limit of 20 users per organization. If your organization exceeds the number of users, please contact us at: a3community@s-cubed-global.com
  • We will do our best to provide the most optimal service, but We cannot guarantee the performance or availability of the System
  • We have a validated and tested approach to upload and verify CDISC CT, however We can’t be held liable or responsible for any consequences of using the System
  • You are not allowed to commercially exploit the System in anyway or make the System available to any Third-Party Users outside your organization or The Community. You are not allowed in any way

    to copy the System or any part thereof.

  • We own all IP rights to the System and CDISC owns all IP rights to the CDISC CT in the System
  • We will not use, communicate or promote your organization logo or name without prior acceptance from your organization
  • You do not need to be a CDISC member to use the System, however we encourage users to help support the standards development by signing up for CDISC membership (CDISC.org), if they haven’t done so already
  • The System will not collect any data with the purpose of selling it to 3rd parties. Logs are only collected to monitor performance and potentially fraudulent activity.

  • Concerning data privacy, the System only stores your email. If you have not used the system for 6 months, we will delete your access (and relevant information) from the System to comply with GDPR. You can always contact us at a3community@s-cubed-global.com and have all information deleted. Please refer to https://www.s-cubed-global.com/contact/privacy-notice for our general privacy policies.
  • Any failure to comply with the “Fair Usage Policy” will result in removal from the system.

We hope that you will benefit from using the A3 Community MDR! You are always welcome to contact us at a3community@s-cubed-global.com with comments or suggestions for the System.

Best regards