The A3 MDR can manage sponsor and CDISC Standards including terminology, forms (CDASH) and SDTM. In addition, the system manages Biomedical Concepts. 

A low-cost metadata repository built using semantic technologies for pharmaceutical companies and life science vendors to gain the benefit of using high-quality, standards-based, metadata in clinical studies.

A3 MDR Features & Benefits


Manages Terminologies

Manages Sponsor and CDISC Terminologies

Biomedical Concepts

Creation and maintenance of Biomedical Concepts


Case Report Forms

Creation and maintenance of Case Report Forms


Management of CDISC SDTM Models, IGs and Sponsor Domains


Change History

Change history and visibility to changes in CDISC Terminologies

Impact Assessment

Impact assessment to show change in terminology and forms in MDR and usage in trials


Configurable Settings

User management and individual configurable settings

API for Tools

Provides an API for use by tools. This can utilized by sponsor tools

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The Benefits of Using the A3 Suite


Companies using A3 Suite will gain control and full benefit of using CDISC Standards

  • Efficient standards management supporting version management and identification of changes.
  • Easy to apply standards during study build ensuring cross-trial standardisation.
  • Immediate impact assessment when CDISC standards change
  • Better traceability throughout data flow
  • Using A3 MDR an electronic produced annotated CRF and define.xml is created by the push of a button

Better control of CDISC standards delivers further benefits, including

  • Increased use of standard programs on trial data, including data quality checks
  • Less effort required to streamline data for submission
  • Avoidance of submission delays

The CDISC Business Case demonstrates why standards need to be implemented

  • You can read the various business cases from CDISC on their website (login is required)
  • The A3 Suite can simplify the way you implement standards
  • The A3 Suite will work with your current work flow and technology
  • The A3 Suite can be implemented iteratively, to ensure you maintain productivity