A3 MDR The A3 MDR ensures you can manage your sponsor and CDISC Standards including terminology, forms (CDASH) and SDTM. In addition, you can manage and create Biomedical Concepts.

The A3 MDR is built on the same validated platform as our Community and Terminology MDRs and hosted on Amazon AWS.

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The A3 MDR builds on our other modules and features support for other terminologies, BC creation, along with forms and aCRFs and much more. Of course, it’s all built on our linked data model and it’s simple to add the features on to our Terminology MDR. We can work with you to quickly set up and train your staff. Talk to us today and see how we can help you!

The A3 Suite comprises four modules

Use the A3 MDR to improve your data quality and efficiency or simply add the A3 MDR to your existing Terminology MDR. 

The Benefits of Using the A3 MDR


Manages Terminologies

Manages Sponsor and CDISC Terminologies

Biomedical Concepts

Creation and maintenance of Biomedical Concepts


Case Report Forms

Creation and maintenance of Case Report Forms


Management of CDISC SDTM Models, IGs and Sponsor Domains


Change History

Change history and visibility to changes in CDISC Terminologies

Impact Assessment

Impact assessment shows changes in terminology, forms in the MDR and usage in trials


Configurable Settings

User management and individual configurable settings

API for Tools

Provides an API for use by other tools including sponsor tools

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