A3 Study Workbench Our Study Workbench utilises the standards in the A3 MDR and automates metadata-driven study set up. 

The A3 Study Workbench is integrated in the same validated role-based system as our A3 MDR, Terminology MDR and the free Community MDR. At the core lie our groundbreaking biomedical concepts.

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The A3 Study workbench give users a simple way to set up a study based on a study protocol. Using a clear and simple pick and click design, it has has an intuitive user interface. Tasks performed by the user provides the more technical outputs automatically. With biomedical concepts and CDISC standards at the core, study set up is quicker than ever. Our experts can quickly demonstrate how to set up the system and train your staff. If you want to see a demo of our unique solution get in touch today! 

The A3 Study Workbench is the most comprehensive module in our system. 

Gain the full A3 experience using our Study Workbench to speed up your study set up and improve your data quality from the start

The Benefits of Using the A3 MDR


Protocol Metadata

Protocol metadata for e.g. Protocol Authoring tools, SDTM and ClinicalTrial.gov.


Objectives & Endpoints

Definition of study objectives & endpoints from reusable A3 MDR objective & endpoint definitions


Study Design

Define study design from A3 MDR templates

Study Timeline

Auto generate Study Timeline from study endpoint and design

Protocol Schedule

From Study Timeline auto generate SoA and ability to adjust time points, visits and data to collect


Generate CRF

Auto generate CRF and annotated CRF for the study

EDC setup export

Quicker EDC setup based on ALS/ODM export of study SoA


Auto-generate define.xml (1.0, 2.0, 2.1) with Value Level Metadata. Ability to add study specific details.

Version Management

Version Management of study metadata: handles protocol amendments, draft and final versions of study metadata.


Audit Trail

Audit trail to record if changes were made to study metadata (who, when and which item was changed)

User & Data access

Role based access and ability to limit access to data

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