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Our innovative tools solve the real world challenges of managing your data, using graph technology and linked data. 



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The A3 Suite has been developed using semantic technologies for life sciences companies to gain the benefit of using high-quality, standards-based metadata in clinical studies.

A3 Suite Features and Benefits

The A3 Suite has now been established for two years (previously known as The Glandon Suite developed by A3 Informatics). It is designed and created by our team of experts at S-cubed to manage sponsor and CDISC standards in an intuitive and effective way. The Suite consists of the A3 MDR and the A3 Study Workbench and is built using graph technology, removing the need for managing your metadata using traditional methods (such as excel spreadsheets) which creates challenges for maintaining control or increasing scalability. Leveraging the graph technology breaks down the silos that currently affect the way industry works with data and provides seamless traceability.


Metadata Repository handling CDISC and sponsor-defined Terminology (version control and management), Biomedical Concepts, Forms and SDTM  Model, Implementation Guides and Custom Domains.

A3 Study Workbench - Study Build

Builds CRF, aCRF and EDC load file (ODM and ALS) for a study, using the Forms and metadata definitions from the MDR.

A3 Study Workbench - Define.xml

Allows for a define.xml file to be built based on either the study definition, an existing file or with limited source information. Uses the MDR to aid the user into populating the define.xml.

Meet Our Senior Team

Dave Iberson-Hurst

Partner and Director of A3

Dave Iberson-Hurst joined S-cubed in 2019, as Partner and Director of A3 to develop the ground breaking A3 Suite to support the implementation of CDISC Standards. He founded Assero in 2003 to provide consultancy services to industry and develop products and solutions to bring global standards adoption closer to reality. Over the past 15 years, Dave has been instrumental in the development of industry standards for CDISC and has been regularly required to advise both the industry and its regulators on some of the challenges faced when implementing standards. In recent years, he has become a thought leader on the management of metadata within pharmaceutical companies to deliver one source of industry metadata that can be used for multiple purposes. Dave’s vision and ability to communicate the needs of a company to all those involved in the clinical research process has ensured that he is regularly asked to present at global industry events and contribute to a variety of articles.

Johannes Ulander

Principal Consultant and CDISC Subject Matter Expert

Johannes has been working with CDISC Data Standards for the last 15 years. He is a qualified CDISC SDTM trainer and delivers training for CDISC in and around Copenhagen. He is also a Linked Data expert and is one of a handful of global experts on linked data and graph databases. A regular presenter at PhUSE and CDISC events, Johannes is an expert in ensuring your company can leverage the CDISC standards in the most efficient way possibly, whilst ensuring your data is accurate and submission ready.

Kirsten Langendorf

Principal Consultant and CDISC Subject Matter Expert – Neo4j Certified Professional

Kirsten has worked with the CDISC standards for over 10 years, ranging from Protocol, CDASH, SDTM and ADaM. She has a vast range of experience working with and implementing CDISC standards and the associated change management processes. She is also a highly skilled project manager who can ensure that your CDISC implementation works with your current systems and any future installations. Kirsten is also part of the A3 Informatics team and is key to the development of future proofing your use of standards.

AJ de Montjoie MCIM

Marketing Director

AJ has worked in B2B marketing for 15 years. With experience in digital and event marketing, she is the first point of contact for most of our clients. AJ has a background in education and is often asked to break down complex technical ideas into manageable concepts. She was CDISC’s Marketing and Communications Director for 4 years and wrote the CDISC Primer: New Efficiencies in Medical Research, a comprehensive overview of the CDISC Standards.

She is also responsible for the S-cubed brand, communications and messaging. 

AJ joined S-cubed in 2017.

Adam de Neergard

Partner and Director of Business Development, Software and Services

Adam brings 16 years’ experience with Sales, Sales Leadership and Business Development working in international IT companies like IBM, NNIT, SAS Institute and smaller startups. His primary focus throughout his career has been on building relationships with global Life Sciences organizations and helping digitalizing the industry.


The Benefits of Using the A3 Suite


Companies using A3 Suite will gain control and full benefit of using CDISC Standards

  • Efficient standards management supporting version management and identification of changes.
  • Easy to apply standards during study build ensuring cross-trial standardisation.
  • Immediate impact assessment when CDISC standards change
  • Better traceability throughout data flow
  • Using A3 MDR an electronic produced annotated CRF and define.xml is created by the push of a button

Better control of CDISC standards delivers further benefits, including

  • Increased use of standard programs on trial data, including data quality checks
  • Less effort required to streamline data for submission
  • Avoidance of submission delays

The CDISC Business Case demonstrates why standards need to be implemented

  • You can read the various business cases from CDISC on their website (login is required)
  • The A3 Suite can simplify the way you implement standards
  • The A3 Suite will work with your current work flow and technology
  • The A3 Suite can be implemented iteratively, to ensure you maintain productivity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the A3 Suite?

The A3 Suite comprises an MDR (Metadata Repository) handing Sponsor-defined and CDISC Terminology, Biomedical Concepts, Forms and the SDTM (Study Data Tabulation) Model, Implementation Guides and Custom Domains. Additionally, there are tools to support the clinical research process, including a Study Workbench, with a study build and Define.xml modules.

Why use the A3 Suite from S-cubed?

S-cubed has 10 years of experience working with CDISC standards and we have encountered many of the challenges faced when implementing new systems and software. Our suite of tools has been designed with real world work in mind. We know that your company cannot stop working on drug development to implement costly IT projects. The A3 Suite is designed to be implemented in an iterative manner; you can choose what you need, when you need it. We have built our products to ensure there is minimal impact on your day to day work. Alternatively, you can choose to use us as a service, where we can demonstrate the power of the tools and ensure that you are able to implement the CDISC Standards.

Why build it on CDISC Standards?

CDISC Standards are required by the FDA and PMDA for submission data. We want to ensure that you can get your product to submission as easily as possible.

Can I choose to just use the A3 MDR?

Absolutely. We have a variety of models of implementation that you can choose. Or you can use our consultants and they will use the tools to support you with a variety of services.

What support do you provide?

We have expert consultants and a range of materials to help you. We can work on site or remotely dependent on your needs and we offer a full range of supporting documentation for the tools. We also have established and recognised CDISC trainers as part of our team, who can support your staff throughout implementation.

What is a Biomedical Concept?

You can read all about Biomedical concepts and why we use them here: Understanding Biomedical Concepts

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