Our Terminology MDR ensures you can mange your sponsor terminology with confidence, using the same validated application and user friendly interface as the Community MDR. 

The A3 Terminology MDR provides an efficient, accurate, and consistent way to manage your sponsor Terminology.

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With our industry leading, fully validated software as a service (SaaS) application, we will have you up and running within 5 working days. Our solution addresses the challenges of managing CDISC and your sponsor controlled terminology in Excel or custom developed legacy programs. Get fast, accurate information straight from your desktop through a standard web browser! 

The A3 Suite comprises four modules

The Terminology MDR is the latest module to be added to our suite of products, ensuring you have smart, efficient control of your sponsor terminology.

The Benefits of Using the A3 Terminology MDR


Sponsor Terminology

Manage and gain control of your sponsor terminology


Centralised Standards Management

Central place to store your controlled terminology

Latest CDISC Version

New CDISC terminology loaded using built-in API when available in CDISC Library


Browse and Search

Ability to search across CDISC and/or Sponsor terminologies


View Changes

Ability to view changes across versions of CDISC or Sponsor terminologies


Compare Versions

Ability to compare terminologies (CDISC and/or Sponsor)


Impact Analysis

Easy view of Impact assessment/automatic upgrade of code lists

Change Instructions

Ability to specify change instructions


Version History & Management

Choose a code list and see the changes over time


Audit Trail

Support and Training

Get support and training from our expert team

Video Guides

Unique video training resources available 24/7



Fully Validated to support your GxP processes



User-role access


Iterative Implementation

We have a unique stepwise approach for you to work with our software


We offer flexible monthly pricing that is easy to scale

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