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Komment™. Write-back extension for Qlik Sense

With our easy to use write-back extension for Qlik Sense, users can now edit and add data directly within their dashboards.
You can get up and running for only €90 per month.
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The most elegant write-back extension for Qlik Sense on the market.

Update and comment on your data directly from your dashboards. We are taking the Qlik Sense platform to a new level by extending the Business Intelligence functionality and purpose, from traditionally being a read-only tool, to now being a tool that allows you to create, comment on, edit, and delete data as well.

The Komment extension lets users work seamlessly, by removing the shift in workflows that often occur when an analyst has to go back into their source data to perform edits. By using Komment, you can update the data right from the screen in front of you.

Give users the power to edit and update data straight from their dashboards

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Seamless User Experience

Keep users within their favorite dashboards and avoid interrupted workflows by allowing users to write back data straight from their dashboard view.

Add your comment, choose a comment status, update with a date and just press save. It’s that easy!

Audit Trails

Keep a full history of all changes made. Full traceability gives you the security of always knowing what has been changed, who made the changes and when the changes occurred.

3-step Easy Install

Komment offers an easy 3-step installation process that will get you going in no time.


Step 1

Import to your extension library via the QMC

Step 2

Drag-and-drop the extension into your app


Step 3

Press save – that’s it!

Use cases and scenarios


Komment allows for easily setting up custom workflows. For example, setting up a workflow that will allow you to assign different users with data review tasks, or any other tasks management setup you need in your organization.


  • Comment – enrich or add comments to your data
  • Data Revision – review your data
  • Workflow – assigning and managing tasks and comments to users
  • Questionnaires – capture user inputs
  • Create custom cases on the fly – to support any business process needed

Native Solution

Integrated with Qlik®

No external dependencies

No additional layer

No additional software

Less costs

More secure


Self service

Immediate updated

IT Free

Qlik Snapshots


Share cases

Link Snapshots to data


Input Different Types of Data

Supports Qlik® expressions

Drop-down for comments

Features and functions

: Show non-editable values in the Komment form

Fields: Bind field selections from a given Qlik field to pass selection values into reload script

Layout control: Width property to allow customized layouts

Color option: For group button widget, the color option is added to give each group button a specific color when selected

Hide label: Possible to hide the label in each element

Frozen mode: Comments not submitted will not be cleared when other users save comments at the same time

Version 2.0 Update is released. New features include:

- Inline table editing.
- Smart script generator.
- Select multiple values and commit those as comments.
- Show the Komment object as a button to occupy less screen estate when not in use.

Qlik License Support

Qlik license types: Yes, we support ALL Qlik license types.

Komment™ Licenses

User-based subscription: Yes, for as little as €90 per month.

Perpetual license: Yes, contact us for getting the extension.


User-guides and documentation available at:



Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about Komment™

Differentiators compared to our competitors

Q: How do Komment™ compare with other competitors?

Very low price point.

Komment is an extension only product, i.e. there is no need for additional services or databases.

Flexible. Designed and build by Qlik developers, for Qlik developers and Qlik business users.

Seamless data integration. The data you save is immediately available in apps right after submitting the data.


Q: What's your pricing policy? 

We have both a user-based pricing and a perpetual pricing.
Prices starts from as little as EUR €90 per month. See more pricing details below.


Q: How do you manage security and user access within the app?

For use of the extension you can apply security rules in the QMC.

For access to specific parts of the extension (e.g. the ability to save a comment or see a specific comment field) you can use show/hide logic within the extension as with any other Qlik Sense objects.

Use cases

Q: Can it be used for planning?

Yes, it can be used for planning - as well as you can relate the input data directly to other data points in your applications.
There really are no limits to areas and industries where Komment can be used. Our customers are using it within; finance, marketing, sales, forecasting, reporting, work flows etc.


Q: Is Komment certified by Qlik (TED)?

No - not yet. We are currently in the process of being TED certified so stay tuned. However, we are the inventors of the Nprinting on-demand extension which is now a native part of the Qlik Sense dashboard bundle. This gives us the confidence to say; we build high quality extensions.


Only the people actively using the extension – i.e. submitting comments will be counted as a users.

Watch a short introduction video

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