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Introducing Kompass™

The navigation extension for Qlik Sense
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The intuitive navigation extension for Qlik Sense

The Kompass extension is a fully customizable navigation menu that makes it easy to navigate between sheets in Qlik Sense applications. It creates a superior user experience by providing a range of exclusive features which reduce development time by giving simple, easy navigation.

Superior User Experience

The key features and benefits of using the Kompass extension are:

  • Intuitive: A hierarchical menu that allows you to group sheets together
  • Overview: Highlights the current sheet to indicate which sheet is shown in the application
  • Styling: Highly customizable menu items for users, such as visibility, ordering, level, and icons
  • Interactivity: Define actions such as apply/clear selections
  • Increase screen real estate: Flyout-mode to auto hide original Qlik hub menu and title
  • Customisable: Widget plug-ins such as floating filter panel, batch selector, quick image-shot, NPrinting on-demand integration, file uploader etc.


Quick setup

No coding is required to setup the navigation menu, ensuring an easy and quick setup of the navigation menu.

3-step Easy Install

Kompass offers an easy 3-step installation process that will get you going in no time.


Import via QMC


Drag-and-drop the extension into your app


Press save – that’s it!


Improve navigation between sheets

Use cases

Using Kompass makes it easy to make applications available to end users on a QAP (Qlik Analytics Platform) installation: 

  • No need for mashups
  • No extra coding is required
  • Same intuitive user experience as on Qlik Sense Enterprise

Native Solution

Integrated with Qlik®

No external dependencies

No additional layer

No additional software

Less costs

More secure


Self service

Immediate updated

IT Free

Qlik Snapshots


Share cases

Link Snapshots to data


Input Different Types of Data

Supports Qlik® expressions

Drop-down for comments

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