Are you also tired of waiting for data and reports to be ready before you can start your medical monitoring?

Shift to our lean medical monitoring solution. Then you will have your monitoring ready from day 1 - even with the customisations needed for your trial.
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Medical Monitoring Made Easy

The helicopter view. The increasing complexity in clinical trials calls for new tools to improve the monitoring of data and assessment of risks during a trial. The vast amount of data, the diversity of the data, and the many different sources of data are challenging traditional and standard monitoring platforms not built for the current day and age, or the future. Our Lean Medical Monitoring solution offers this helicopter view and more.
S-cubed’s Lean Medical Monitoring is built with a data first approach and it runs on a GxP compliant and secure Amazon cloud platform.


This means you can start your medical monitoring from day 1 of the trial without having to worry about hosting, quality assurance approval processes and benefit from our multiple data source support.

Years of experience in clinical trial monitoring is the foundation for our lean medical monitoring solution

We have build our solution based on the vast experience of our statisticians, clinical data experts, data managers and data scientists. The many trial monitoring implementations we have done across many different trials have given us unique insights into what is needed of a modern medical monitoring solution.

Different trials…

22 Therapeutic Areas

89 Clinical Trials

+60,000 Patients

+80m Data Records

But same problems…

It is hard to setup standard monitoring as trials are different

The monitoring is rarely ready at the time of the trial start

It is difficult to get an overview of all data in a trial

And same needs

Industry standard metrics available out of the box

Short implementation time and flexibility to adjust content easily

Intuitive and simple user interface

User Interface

Blazing fast

Simple & Intuitive

Window to all data


Standard metrics

Easy to customize

Support workflow


Quick setup time

Support all data source

Hosted solution

All this on our secure and GxP compliant platform

Our solution supports all clinical data sources

A few examples provided here:

Adverse Events
Concomitant Medications
Medical History
Physical Examination
Protocol Deviations
Vital Signs

Content examples

Adverse Events

Complete overview of the most important elements of your adverse event data.

Ensuring that you will never miss a safety signal.

With the ability to drill to record level data with one click.

Lab analysis

It has never been easier to analyze your lab data.

Find trends across relevant stratifications, sites or patients.

Compare multiple lab tests for desired subset of patients.

Quickly switch between absolute changes, % changes and changes from baseline.


Keep track of your monitoring and review process

Change status and insert specific notes for each finding

No need for manual updates of Excel files

Seeing is believing.

Try it now with real trial data.

We provide applications standardized for pharmaceutical companies within the areas of:


Clinical Data Management

Risk Based Monitoring

Operational Reporting



Clinical Data Management

Risk Based Monitoring

Operational Reporting