Our experienced subject matter experts know that keeping patients safe is your first priority. Talk to us today about using our powerful data analytics tools for pharmacovigilance: increase your data quality, meet your regulatory reporting requirements, keep patients safe.

Why change what you do?

Currently most companies use Excel for compliance tracking, surveillance & workflow routing. Relying on Excel and SAS is comfortable but not effective. Our team can demonstrate how using modern data analytics tools will deliver a better process, beautiful, user friendly dashboards and high quality data.

Data is changing. It comes from an increasing variety of sources, but the regulatory requirements remain the same: you need to deliver quality results, fast.

Our data-first approach

Your most important asset is your data, and our automated, analytical dashboards are based on what you need at your company. Our team can ensure you have the right KPIs, tabulated case summaries and automated reporting, all running on a secure GxP compliant Amazon Cloud platform.

How do we help you?

We get you set up quickly and support you once you are up and running. We can provide additional help to extend the capabilities of your system, depending on your needs. We understand that all our clients are different and face different challenges which is why we always customise our service to meet your needs. 

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Why should you do this?

Our team bring their knowledge and expertise to you. They understand your pharmacovigilance challenges, as they have experienced them first hand. They will demonstrate:

– Time saving benefits
– Improved Data Quality
– Fast signal detection
– Intuitive User Interface with search and analysis
– Easy to share results and findings

Our solution works with all the available Pharmacovigilance systems on the market.

Talk to us about how we have helped some of our clients. Read here. 

Next Steps

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    Selected Case Studies

    Medical Monitoring

    Medical Monitoring

    Our solution enabled the client to fully automate their data extraction from source systems and reduce the manual interactions required.

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