Are you still using Excel for your compliance tracking, surveillance or workflow routing?

Shift to our Pharmacovigilance solution to save time and increase quality when performing your important work with patient safety.
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Years of experiences from Subject Matter Experts engineered into a secure and compliant platform

Keeping Patients Safe.  In an industry that generates data in a wide variety of ways and is synonymous with a strong regulatory overwatch there is a growing need for fast, data driven insights on a daily basis. Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has been supported by SAS and Excel when transforming, reviewing and performing calculations, however more and more companies are starting to utilize the power of more modern tools to process, visualize and analyse data.

S-cubed’s Pharmacovigilance solution is built with a data first approach and it runs on a GxP compliant and secure Amazon cloud platform. This means our customers can perform their safety monitoring in an efficient manner without having to worry about hosting, quality assurance approval processes and enjoy our multiple data source support.

Our solution is developed to make your working life much easier and efficient whether you work with signal detection, compliance (internal and external), safety operations or event adjudication. Our solution is so flexible that it can integrate with all major safety systems such as Argus, ARISg and BaseCon.

The knowledge of pharmacovigilance experts, clinical data experts, data managers, medical- and trial staff, and engineers all contribute to the underlying functionality of our platform.



Key Benefits

Interactive application enabling associative search and analysis.

Extensive exploration possibilities give you a unique window to your data.

Fast signal detection.

Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

Automation of periodic and ad-hoc authority reports.


Easy to share your analysis and findings.

Easy to extract data with fully customized filtering.

Short implementation time.

Easy to consolidate multiple data sources.

Applicable to all PV systems in conjunction with public databases such as FDA’s FAERS and WHO’s Vigibase.

All this on our secure and GxP compliant platform

User Interface

Blazing fast

Simple & Intuitive

Window to all data


Standard metrics

Easy to customize

Support workflow


Quick setup time

Support all data sources

Hosted solution

Seeing is believing.

Try it now with real safety data.

Dashboard Examples

Signal detection: Ranking of products based on number of signals with the ability to drill down to reaction level Proportional Reporting Ratio and number of events 
Exploration: Unique window to your data allowing you to ex